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Alok Sagar IIT Professor Biography – He has done Engineering from IIT Delhi. Then Ph.D. from Famous Houston University, USA. Not only this, he taught even the Governor of RBI, Raghuram Rajan. It is being talked about Alok Sagar Biography, an IIT professor, who has been living a tribal life in remote villages for the last 33 years in MP. But why are they doing this by leaving all the comforts of life, let us know about it? Traveling from Delhi to America.

Alok Sagar IIT Professor Biography – In this competitive era, people are extremely involved with their personal interest and slightest concerned about others in the society who have been left to toil and suffer. Even the academics and thinkers who offer so much and write about social problems are hardly seen doing something tangible to bring about some change in the weak condition of the poor communities. Nevertheless, there are still somebody who have not submitted to the careerist notions of the time and are striving to forge a balance in the society by dedicating their lives to improve others.

  • Professor Alok Sagar Bio/Wiki – He was born on 20 January 1950 in Delhi. He has done engineering in electronics from IIT Delhi.
  • Then in 1977, he went to the US, where he received a Research degree from the University of Houston. During this time he also did a post-doctorate in the Dental Branch and fellowship from the Department of Sociology, Dalhousie University (Canada).
  • After completing his studies from there, he became a professor at IIT Delhi. Though, Alok Sagar IIT Professor did not mind here and left the job.

Alok Sagar IIT Professor Biography

Alok Sagar IIT Professor Property (3 Kurta and Bicycle)

  • Alok Sagar IIT Professor Biography- Alok has been living among them in the tribal villages of Madhya Pradesh for 33 years since he quit his job. The dress is also similar to that of the tribals.
  • They are leading a very simple life here. The property has only three kurtas and a bicycle. They have established more than 50 thousand trees here. They are always collecting seeds and passing them on to the people.
  • Alok has been fighting the social, economic and rights of tribals since the beginning. They are hoping to fight poverty with the tribals.
Real Name Alok Sagar
DOB 20 January 1950
Age 71 Years
Birth Place Delhi
Current City Kochmahu village in Betul district
Life Aim Fight poverty with the tribals and
Teach Trible Children
Gender Male
Social Sites Wikipedia
Property 3 Kurta and 1 bicycle
Profession Professor at IIT Delhi (Left)
Education Engineering in Electronics
Research degree
Post-doctorate in the Dental Branch and
Fellowship from the Department of Sociology
College IIT Delhi
University of Houston
Dalhousie University (Canada)
Salary N/A
Net Worth 3 Kurta and Bicycle

Alok Sagar IIT Professor  Bio/ Wiki – Degree, Education

  • Alok Sagar IIT Professor Biography – Once during Betul district election of Madhya Pradesh, local officers suspected Alok Sagar. He had asked them to leave Betul.
  • But when he showed his degrees to the administration, all the officers were surprised for a moment. When he was called to the police station for investigation, it was found that he is not a normal villager, but a former IIT professor.

Alok Sagar Ride a Bicycle and Teach Children

  • Alok still roams the entire village by bicycle. Teaching tribal children and caring for plants is involved in their routine. He has also lived in Banda, Jamshedpur, Singhbhumi in Uttar Pradesh, Rasulia, Kesla in Hoshangabad before coming to Kochmahu village in Betul district.

Alok Sagar IIT Professor Biography – Alok Sagar, a former IIT professor, left his established career and comfortable life to serve the tribals in the southern state of Madhya Pradesh. For more than three decades, Sagar has been running for the upliftment of rural people in Betul and Hoshangabad districts of Madhya Pradesh.

Alok Sagar Early Life and Career

Alok Sagar IIT Professor Biography Coming from Delhi, Sagar was an aspiring disciple during his college days. He graduated in Electrical Engineering from the respected IIT Delhi. He then did a post-graduation course from the same institute and earned a master’s degree in the early 1970s. After completing his studies at Delhi IIT, Sagar went abroad for his doctoral research. There he earned his Ph.D. From the University of Houston, Texas. After studying abroad, Sagar returned to India and joined the same institute from where he once attended Delhi IIT as a professor. As a teacher, Sagar prepared many students, one of whom was our former RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan. He was a teacher whom students always saw and saw in him a role model.

Becoming a Social Worker – Alok Sagar Wikipedia, About

Alok Sagar IIT Professor Biography – Sagar’s journey as a social activist began back in the starting of 1980s. After serving a couple of years in Delhi IIT, he retired from his post of the professor to start on a mission of social development.

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